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  • Job Placement

    Job Offer Program

    In addition to the job contacts WORLDWIDE, you will have the opportunity of Teaching English in the 5 following destinations: virtual schools or online, intriguing China, modern South Korea, exotic Thailand, fun Mexico, exciting Spain, mysterious Saudi Arabia, or charming France. Through the Job Offer program, you will be introduced to different private, public and language schools, and we will assist you through the whole process. Learn about our Job Offer Program!

    What is our Lifelong Job Guidance Program?

    The components of our Lifelong Job Guidance Program:

    Country specific information:

    We have packets of information on virtually every major teaching destination in the world. These packets include: schools in the area, contacts of past graduates working there, living conditions, average wages, and the general teaching environment. This information is readily available to every trainee from the start of the program.

    CV preparation:

    We help write, review, and redraft your CV/resume during the third week of the certification. This also includes assistance with cover letters.

    Mock interviews:

    During the last week of the course we conduct individual mock interviews with all trainees to simulate what it might be like on your first interview. These interviews take about 15 minutes and cover questions related with grammar and teaching methodology.

    Letters of recommendation and post course support:

    This includes writing letters of recommendation, speaking to other course directors over the phone, as well as post-course follow ups to see how you are doing. All these resources are available for you for the rest of your career for as many times as you need it! The only condition is that you are not fired from your previous teaching position due to poor performance or unprofessional conduct. We are with you every step of the way!