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    Manuel Antonio hosts one of the best beaches on Costa Rica's Pacific coast: perfect for swimming, snorkeling, short walks or full-day hikes. The campus has a great view of the ocean and is located just two miles (approx. 3 km) from the beach! Students stay in Quepos (a small village near Manuel Antonio). The population of Quepos is around 12,000 people.

    In Manuel Antonio the mountains meet the ocean. It is a paradise! The national park is home to a rare natural land formation called a tombolo. A tombolo is a strip of land made of sand that joins a former island to the shore. It takes thousands of years for a tombolo to form. The park is also a combination of rain forest and beautiful white sand beaches abounding in flora and fauna. You can see howler, squirrel, and white-faced monkeys; two-toed sloths; coatimundis; iguanas; over 350 species of birds; and lots of other wildlife.

    *Manuel Antonio beach is just 3 hours away from San Jose.

    Because Costa Rica is one of the most politically, socially, and economically stable countries in Latin America and has a great demand for English teachers it is strategically located to catapult you to any other country in Latin America after your graduation to teach EFL.

    Geographically, the country is one of the most dramatically picturesque in Latin America with bountiful and beautiful coast lines as well as stunning mountains surrounded by an unprecedented wealth of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is a dream come true for all nature lovers and eco-tourist. The local people are known to be very friendly and uphold a strong environmental awareness. The pace of life in Costa Rica is very relaxed and its population is conservative in their approach to life. Costa Ricans affectionately refer to themselves as "Ticos"; they value family above all else. Religious holidays are very elaborate festivals which abound all around the country. At night, the "Ticos" like to show off how skilled they are on the dance floor and find many occasions to dance the night away.

    The general atmosphere of the country, city and school provide you with the perfect environment to earn your internationally recognized certificate and begin a new career in EFL.

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