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  • Teaching and Traveling in Playa Samara, Costa Rica

    Teaching English in Costa Rica

    As it is in close proximity to many other Latin American countries, opportunities exist for job placement in a variety of areas of the country. An emphasis is put on commerce rather than the use of natural resources for the Costa Rican economy so the demand for native English speakers is immediate. The currency is the colon approximately 460 colon to the US dollar. Salaries for the certified English teacher can range from $700 USD - $1,100 USD per month for full time work. Private tutors can earn up to $15.00 per hour. Accommodations can cost from $350 USD to $460 USD per month, but assistance is often provided by employers.

    Traveling to Playa Samara

    Samara Beach is located in the province of Guanacaste, one of the largest provinces in Costa Rica. Guanacaste's lush countryside, beaches and rich culture make it an exceptional region for travel and study. The school has a beautiful campus and offers fully equipped air-conditioned rooms. On the weekends trainees can enjoy local surf contests, music concerts, bonfires and a variety of delicious international restaurants. Trainees can also snorkel, take surf lessons, swim or boat to Isla (Island) Chora, go horseback riding, bike ride and bask in the sun on the white sandy shores of Samara, and other local beaches.

    The campus in Playa Samara is a cozy, little beach village, perfect to soak up beach life and sun in an unhurried atmosphere. It is located on the shore of an idyllic pale sand beach, fringed by coconut palms. The shallow waters of the large half moon bay are protected by a coral reef which makes swimming a delight. Low tide produces a vast swathe of sand, providing playground for all kinds of beach games. Unlike other travel destinations in Costa Rica most businesses and hotels in Samara are run by Ticos. It's a traditional weekend and holiday retreat for Costa Ricans and seems especially popular with travelers from Europe. Samara's main drag leads directly down to the beach which is shaded by lines of swaying palm trees. What better way to spend the day than dozing lazily in a hammock whilst being soothed by the ocean breeze. Bars and restaurants featuring sand floors and fancy beach decorations invite for lounging and dining while watching the beach scenery. At night there is a choice of cocktail bars, or if you are still not tired you can dance the rest of the night away at the beautiful beachfront bar, Tabanuco and others.

    Arriving to Costa Rica

    We would like to ensure that you experience a safe, hassle-free arrival in Costa Rica. We provide you with the information and assistance to make your arrival in Costa Rica and Samara as smooth as possible.

    There are a few options for transport from the airports (San Jose, SJO or Liberia, LIR) to our beach campus.

    Liberia, which is a two-hour taxi ride to Samara, is the closest international airport to our beautiful beach town. If you choose to fly into Liberia, we are happy to arrange for a taxi or shuttle to pick you up at the airport and bring you directly to your accommodations in Samara. Taxi rides from Liberia to Samara generally cost between $90-100 USD and shuttle rides range from $45-90 USD.

    A shuttle leaves each day from the Liberia airport at 1:30 pm, there is a 2 person minimum. The cost is $50 per person. We will let you know if 2 of you arrive at the same time so you can take the shuttle or share a taxi. There is a return shuttle service as well, SAMARA to LIBERIA: 8:30 am with a 2 person minimum. ($50 p/p)

    A shuttle can also be arranged for you at the specific time of your arrival in LIBERIA. The cost is $125 for up to 6 passengers. No tip is necessary.

    The Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose is the largest airport in Costa Rica. Although there are more flights into this airport, San Jose is located 5 hours from Samara. As a result, we recommend taking the Alfaro bus or Interbus.

    Public Bus from San Jose to Samara: departs at 12:00 pm every day. The Bus from San Jose to Samara leaves from the Alfaro bus station in San Jose. The cost of the one way ticket is about 3,900 colones (about US $7) per person and the trip takes about 5 hours.

    Public Bus from San Jose to Nicoya (a city 45 minutes from Samara) leaves San Jose at 8:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm. The trip is approximately 4 hours. Once in Nicoya there are connecting buses to Samara for 1,315 colones (about $2.50 USD) that leave approximately on the hour until 8 pm, or we can arrange a taxi pick up for $40 USD. Note: if taxi requested, whether taken or not, it must be paid for. (Taxis are also available at the bus stop in Nicoya, but prices will vary.)

    ALFARO bus station is located in Terminal 7-10. The ticket window is in the back right corner of the third floor. The second floor is the waiting area, and boarding occurs on the first floor. The Alfaro bus station is located in downtown San Jose and leaves for Samara every day at 12:00 p.m. (additional bus at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays.) Those that choose to take Alfaro, only $8 for a ticket, are urged to arrive AT LEAST one hour prior to departure since seats quickly fill up.

    Interbus private shuttle from SAN JOSE:

    It leaves San Jose at 8:15 am every morning. The cost is $50 and it takes about 5.5 hours. They can pick you up at a local hostel or at the airport.

    Getting to Playa Samara by Bus:

    Local Bus Schedule (Nicoya Peninsula)

    Alfaro Bus Schedule (from San Jose)

    Please contact us at if you have any specific travel questions or concerns.