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    Job Placement

    We include a 2-hour job guidance session and lifetime job guidance. Usually a guest speaker will give advice on setting up as a freelancer in France and on navigating though French bureaucracy.

    There are excellent job opportunities for teaching English in the area of Toulouse and in France in general; in fact, several of our graduates have set up their own schools in France over the past year!

    Plenty of work teaching is available after the course when one considers the combination of the over 20 language schools in the city and the opportunities for freelance teaching. France is undergoing a TEFL boom, and we show you how to set up as an "auto entrepreneur" freelance TEFL teacher in France, during a special post course workshop, usually on the Monday after your course.

    Working after the TEFL course:

    Generally, trainees start teaching around a week after graduation with a few hours and start building up to more hours as weeks pass by. Teaching salaries vary hugely but private language schools in France usually pay from 15 to 25 euros an hour.

    You can work as a freelancer as well; nowadays some language schools prefer their teachers to be registered as freelancers or "auto-entrepreneurs" in French. We show you exactly how to set up as a freelance English teacher and do well at interviews.

    Language schools in France look for teachers year round, but bear in mind that almost everyone is on holiday from July 14 to the end of August in France so there is very little work then. Sometimes schools hire in June or July for the September start to avoid the frantic rush to find teachers in September.

    Remember - if you are American or do not have an EU passport, you will need an official "student working visa" if you want to teach in France legally. Once you have one you can teach here for up to a year and are treated just like an EU citizen. To get this student working visa you need to follow a French course at an official organization. We can help you arrange your French course in Toulouse with our friends at the Alliance Française, just let us know! All this should be done several months in advance - as all visas need to be applied for while you are still in your home country.

    We recommend Americans on a tight budget just come to Toulouse on a standard 3 month tourist visa. That way they can get TEFL certified, enjoy France for 3 months, visit the Alliance Française to enquire about student visas, and then decide if you want to come back to live and teach for a year.


    In addition to lifelong job guidance and contacts worldwide, we also have baby-sitting or tutoring teaching positions in France. If you are not interested in getting involved with a school, college, or corporation, our Baby-Speaking and Tutoring Programs will be perfect for you!

    It is also an easy way to earn some money while exploring the French culture and language. Through this job offer program, you will be trained to an innovative early language acquisition method, developed by specialists in child bilingualism. Working as a speaker is sharing your English knowledge with a French family / children. When working as a baby-speaker you do not live with the family/families you work for, giving you a freer lifestyle and you get paid by the hour!

    It is a rewarding experience in which you can:
    • Build a relationship with a French family.
    • Learn more about kids and about yourself.
    • Discover/learn more about a country and a culture.
    • Learn about early language acquisition through the trainings and online material at your disposal.

    Choose Your Teaching Program

    1. Childcare: 'Baby-speaking' position

    As a baby-speaker, you will be babysitting French children (between 3 & 12 years old) using a method designed to facilitate early language acquisition using a variety of techniques like games or drawing. The usual work schedule is very flexible and you do not live at your student's home. You can choose the number of hours you want to work according to your availability. You can work between 5 and 20 hours per week. Additionally, you should share your culture and experiences, look after your student and play games while speaking English! The usual working schedule is Mondays + Tuesdays + Thursdays + Fridays from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. approx. + Wednesday full-day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. approx.

    2. Tutoring/Teaching: "kid-speaking" and "teen-speaking" complementary positions

    As tutors, you will be giving one-to-one English classes to French children aged 12 to 18. The usual working schedule is 2-8 hours a week, mostly on Wednesdays or Saturdays. You will be tutoring / teaching English with our innovative method to complete your schedule and assist students with their English activities

    Contact us for further information.