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    Teaching & Travelling in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Excursions Offered with Our TEFL Course

    If you’ve selected the Premium TEFL Course Program, then our excursions are included in your package at no additional cost. If you are enrolled with us on the Basic TEFL Course, then you’re still welcome to join us for excursions on an additional fee. You will need to contact the office to find out the dates of when the excursions are held and indicate your preference so we can book a spot for you.

    All our eco-friendly tours and trips are planned to expose you to the beauty and grandeur of Thailand’s natural reserves. These trips also help you unwind and break ice with your fellow classmates who may soon turn into colleagues and life-long friends. Chiang Mai is an exotic district full of lush green mountains and forests. The location offers several options of enjoyment and recreation in nature.

    Jungle Excursion.

    The Jun gle Excursion is a highlight of your stay at Chiang Mai. You will have the unforgettable experience of bathing with elephants. We also take you white water rafting down the picturesque Mae Tang River. These excursions are done in groups done reasons of safety. Our Jungle trekking package is known for its adventurous content and is one of the unmissable highlights of our program. This excursion includes:

    • Butterfly Orchid Farm. At the butterfly farm, you will have the opportunity to walk among various rows of local flora while taking in the sight of thousands of wonderful butterflies.
    • Local Hill Tribe Market. We then take our students to the local hill market to provide them with an opportunity to observe the daily dynamics of local trade. As you familiarize yourself with the ways of local buying and selling, do not forget to pick up some delicious indigenous snacks.
    • Waterfall Hike. After visiting the local hill tribe market, we head to the waterfall to bathe and slide down the natural slides that end in clear crystal natural pools.
    • White Water Rafting. After lunch the adventure begins! We head up the Mae Tang River for an unforgettable experience in white-water rafting. It starts with an informative and hilarious safety briefing before we are allowed to board our white-water rafts. As you enjoy the thrill of floating down the river together, do not forget to observe local river communities. You are free to splash about in the rapids at the end of the ride.
    • Elephant Rescue Sanctuary. The excursion ends on a high note – literally. We will visit a local Elephant Rescue Sanctuary to meet the majestic and gracious animals. You will get the opportunity to bathe and frolic with these gentle giants, who are revered in Thai culture as mystical animals. This is considered arguably the most exciting and unforgettable activity of all!


    When do the Jungle Excursions take place?

    We usually take our students on the Jungle Excursion on the first Saturday of their course. We leave our facility at 9:00AM and return around 5:00PM.

    Thai Culture Immersion Trips

    As a trainee enrolled in our Premium TEFL Course Program, you will be taken on periodic Thai Culture Immersion Trips. If you have signed up for the Basic TEFL Course Program and would like to join the Premium students on a Culture Immersion Trip, contact the office for details and time slots available. You are welcome to join us at an additional fee.

    As the name suggests, these trips are designed to acquaint you to Thai culture. It is our believe that familiarizing you to the ways of local life here will enable you to better adjust to your work and living environment as prospective teachers in Thailand. Musch like excursions, these are trips which provide a healthy mix of fun and learning. Most of these trips involve a significant amount of walking over rough and uneven terrain. Hence, we suggest you wear appropriate footwear during these trips.

    Our Culture Immersion trips will provide you with an opportunity to connect with your fellow students and instructors on a more personal level as you learn about various unique features of Thai culture. Some of the things we cover in these trips with students at our Chiang Mai location are: We will also visit the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence, as well as Bhubing Palace, which is the winter residence of the royal family.

    • Hmong hill tribe. We visit the village of the Hmong hill tribe and spend some time learning about their lifestyle, cuisine, dress code and other aspects of their culture. We will then make a visit to the Hill Tribe (Long Neck) museum. This stop will provide you with an insight into history of the Hill Tribes in and around Thailand.
    • Doi Suthep Temple. We take our students to the Doi Suthep summit where we visit the Doi Suthep National Park. Here we also pay a visit to the renowned Wat Phra That, a Theravada Buddhist temple which was built as a monastery in 1383. It still functions as a working monastery and will provide valuable insight about religion in Thailand to our students.
    • Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden. When at Chiang Mai, a visit to the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence is considered a necessary part of a tourist’s itinerary. We take our students here to acquaint them with the traditions and culture of the Royal Thai family as the Bhubing Palace here is used as the winter residence by the reigning family of Thailand.


    The excursion and culture immersion trips are a fun and interesting way to absorb nuances about life in Thailand and gives you ample opportunity to learn even as you relax and have fun. In our experience, this additional part of your training package is crucial if you want a solid framework for understanding the Thai people and get a realistic glimpse of what living in Thailand will entail should you wish to continue a teaching career in this country