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    Take a Year Off Working Overseas: Teach English!

    By International Teacher Training Organization

    Do you need a break from the books? If university life has got you burned out and you are eager to see the world, taking a year off during your studies or after graduation to travel and do a little soul searching can be a wise investment in your future. Harvard College Admissions has been encouraging their students to take a "year off" for over thirty years, recognizing that those who take a year away from their studies to work or travel return refreshed, focused and with skills they could never get in the classroom. If you are considering taking time off to study or work overseas, the International Teacher Training Organization has the perfect opportunity for you.

    Why Teach English as a Foreign Language?:

    • It's the "loan-free" way to travel abroad.
    • International work experience looks great on your resume or grad school application.
    • There is no better way to truly experience another culture. Your educational and career goals will become clearer.
    • Second language skills are a major asset to your future.
    • It's the adventure you've been dreaming of.

    Unlike traditional study or volunteer abroad programs, teaching English overseas is paid employment. You won't have to take out another loan for this adventure and because your job is important to the community, you will have a unique chance to become integrated into the culture like no traditional student ever could. You won't just study and read about the culture, you will live it through experiencing the food, art, music, politics and day-to-day life of the place you choose to teach in. You will meet fascinating people, gain second language skills and develop valuable teaching tools that you can use for the rest of your life. When you return to school or begin your post-grad job, you will see the world through new eyes.

    In only four weeks ITTO will prepare you to spend your year off successfully living and working almost anywhere in the world. We will give you the tools you need to become a certified teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL). You can choose to study in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico or in the world capital of education, Boston, Massachusetts. Our program adheres to the highest academic standards using a proven hands-on method of training.

    Our Certification Course Provides:

    • Internationally recognized Certification.
    • Monitored teaching practice with real EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students.
    • Highly skilled trainers with years of experience.
    • 100% GUARANTEED paid job placement in Mexico if taking the course in Guadalajara!
    • Direct employment contacts worldwide.
    • Lifelong job guidance program --We will continue to offer our services should you choose to take a second or third job placement later on.
    • Housing arrangements.

    Taking a year off during college or after graduation to work overseas will open doors for you. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, graduate schools and employers are looking for those with international experience and foreign language skills. Working overseas will distinguish you from your classmates. You will be culturally savvy, skilled in working with people from different backgrounds, and full of unique ideas that come from a global perspective.

    Now is your chance to do something that will change your life forever. Consider taking our course this summer or next semester. In just one month, you will have acquired an invaluable skill that will enable you to live and work overseas for years to come. While your friends are back home studying, you will spend the rest of the year living out your dream. What will you do this summer? Get another part-time job or learn a skill that will open up the whole world to you? Contact us today for additional information. We are eager to answer your questions.

    ITTO 4-week Certification + guaranteed paid job placement = Taking a year off working overseas: Teach English! See our starting dates & fees (all year round)!

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