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  • Teaching English: Articles

    Teaching English in England and TESOL Jobs in London, England

    By International Teacher Training Organization

    To get your teaching career started ITTO (International Teacher Training Organization) located in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico offers a one month intensive worldwide recognized TEFL certification course. This comprehensive training includes 10 hours of practice teaching in a formal language school setting. The course is designed to enable the teacher to be competent in all aspects of language functioning which includes, reading, writing, speaking and grammar instruction. ITTO has been successful in attaining positions for graduates’ specifically in London, England and all over the European Union.

    England has long been the country of preference for many first time overseas ventures for many reasons. People are familiar with the English culture as it has been an integral part of the world stage for centuries. The English language was originated, developed and has undergone many changes there. The heart of the country is in London where evidence of historical importance, sophistication, opulence and illustrious artistic expression are commonly experienced. Representations of every culture imaginable can be found in the world class city. There is a certain advanced cosmopolitan aura that surrounds London but what makes it a very special place to reside in is the fact that it has enormous tranquil parks and famous pastoral English gardens as well.

    English people are credited internationally for their skillful execution of the educative process and high standards are required for teaching there. Immigration is very high and rises considerably from year to year so the demand for English teachers is also high. People come to England from Ethiopia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Syria, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and China; just to name a few. To teach a host of cultures in one place is by far a challenging and at the same time, exciting opportunity. The skills that the English teacher can develop through the experience in England carry through and become applicable to a plethora of future work experiences. London has a large population of people who are seeking to open a new career path and this being the case, makes it a relatively easy place to find starting points for places to stay and work. Many agencies exist to assist the new comer with settling in the city which makes the transition process easier.

    Being certified for teaching positions in England is mandatory because of the fact that there is stiff competition. Other qualifications such as University degrees also are advantageous. Many options exist for the prospective language teacher however it is advisable to be prepared before going into the country as to how to go about the initial job search. Most schools prefer to hire in advance of the teacher’s arrival.

    Residents of countries outside the European Union will have to arrange paper work for work visas from their country of origin. The employer must be in agreement in advance to sponsor the newcomer. There is another option for obtaining a permit and that would be to have proof of birth of ancestry as close as grandparents within the European Union; in which case one can work for up to four years and then apply for residency. The cost of living in England is very high and finding an affordable accommodation especially in London is an arduous task. There are many private language schools in London; contacts can be made through the internet or two main weekly publications that contain many adverts for jobs one being “The Education Guardian” and the other being “The Times Educational Supplement.”


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