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  • Teaching English: Articles

    Teaching Business English (TBE)

    Certificate in Teaching Business English The course is divided into six areas:

    An ITTO Certificate in Teaching Business English (TBE) allows to be officially certified as an expert in the business English field. This will enhance your CV and your job possibilities immensely.

    Teaching Business English in Guadalajara has never presented more opportunities than today! Guadalajara has the second largest economy and industrial infrastructure in Mexico contributing 37% to the state of Jalisco's total gross production. Its economic base is strong and well diversified, mainly based on commerce and services. It is also ranked in the top ten in Latin America in terms of gross domestic product and the highest ranking in Mexico. In its 2007 survey entitled "Cities of the Future", FDi (Foreign Direct Investment) Magazine ranked Guadalajara highest among major Mexican cities, and designated Guadalajara as having the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city behind Chicago. FDI Magazine also ranked the city as the most business-friendly Latin American city in 2007.

    All this translates into hundreds of transnational companies who are desperate for qualified English teachers to teach their new national staff English to eliminate all language barriers between their personnel and bring their productivity up. As the leading course provider in Latin America, ITTO is one of the pioneers in the field connecting our graduates with these excellent teaching positions in the business market.



    We at ITTO are proud to present the following information regarding a new Special Certificate for graduates of the 4 Week Certificate Course. You now may earn a certificate in Teaching Business English! This means that you will be highly qualified to teach business English, one of the most sought after positions in EFL teaching. Since English has become the lingua franca of the global business world, businessmen as well as support staff working in business, such as junior executives, secretaries and receptionists, have found a need to learn business English for obvious reasons.

    Companies training their employees need trainers with the specific skills to help them achieve their goals, and they want results. They expect their TBE trainers to be fully qualified to teach. The ITTO Teaching Business English course includes modules on all specific skill areas that a successful business English teacher needs to know in order to teach effectively. ITTO's certificate in teaching Business English guarantees being welcome from individuals wishing to study one on one as well as corporate clients.

    The content of our course is practical in nature and includes practical teaching ideas and material you will be able to use in your Business English classes. During the program you will shadow experienced teachers. You will be able to ask questions, share concerns and receive feedback after class. Helping you to understand and meet the needs and preferences of your students is one of the main aims of our Teaching Business English course. Teaching English to company employees requires different approaches, skills and knowledge. Business English learners are usually part of smaller groups and have specific needs relating to the business environment they live in.

    After completing the Teaching Business English course you will know how to approach teaching in companies and professionals. In order to receive your certificate you will have to complete all tasks to a satisfactory level.

    Our Teaching Business English -TBE- course is not an initial qualification, participants should already hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate. The course should be a minimum of 120 hours with a minimum of 6 observed teaching practices.

    If you have not been in a business environment previously, don't worry. While this may be an advantage, it is by no means a requirement, as a matter of fact most people we train do not come from a business background.


    The pay scale is higher, which is a great motivator for certificate graduates. So, read on, get all the information, then, contact ITTO at Remember, getting a higher rate of pay means you do not have to work so many hours to earn the money you want.


    ITTO uses the communicative approach for its teaching. Remember, basically, you are teaching a foreign language for a specific purpose. Thus, you will be utilizing role-play, business simulation practices, games, and other communicative activities to enhance the learning of the target language related to business English.

    Basic Syllabus

    1. Why learning business English is important
    2. How to assess needs and preferences
    3. How to design a course
    4. How to select and develop materials for your course
    5. How to teach business speaking skills
    6. How to teach business writing skills
    7. How to teach business English via the Internet
    8. How to include cross cultural training
    9. Assessing and Evaluating

    Requirements for taking the course:

    Educational Requirements:

    Assessment is continuous and accounted as follows:

    • Must have a TEFL or TESOL Certificate from an educational institute which requires 120 hours or more of study, plus practice teaching of at least 6 hours.
    • Have a positive attitude towards team work and experiential learning activities. This includes acknowledging the relevance of these in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and willingness to participate in all course dynamics.
    • Have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into university.

    Please note that although it is not compulsory for applicants to possess a University degree to enroll in our program, many foreign countries prefer college-university degrees from their EFL teachers. Candidates to our program are usually college-university graduates.


    Onsite at ITTO in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Length of Course:

    One week (30 hours) for five days, 6 hours per day.


    $360.00 USD regular rate, but 20% off, only $288.00 for ITTO Graduates. Apply now.

    What Your Course Includes

    • One week of study onsite in Guadalajara, Mexico at ITTO
    • All course materials: Books, CD ROMs, manuals, handouts, CDs, photocopies, course books and workbooks for teaching practices, etc.
    • Thirty hours of instruction.
    • Professional trainers to guide you.
    • 4 hours of observed practice teaching business English onsite at our sister school
    • Business lesson plans and activities
    • Specialty certificates in specific skill areas for specialization in English Teaching. These Specialty Certificates can be done on your own with tutor support during the course. Each will give you an "edge" for getting a better-paying job in teaching. You may earn one or all twelve depending on your dedication and desire. Remember, many schools are charging $150 to $300 USD for each of these extra certificates, but at ITTO our graduates may earn these awards at no cost. See a description of the Specialty certificates here!
    • International Certification
    • Application
    • Tuition
    • Airport reception and transfer to accommodation
    • Housing assistance
    • Expert lifelong job guidance
    • Secretarial staff to arrange job interviews
    • Job guidance book by ITTO: all you need to know about teaching English abroad
    • CD ROM with hundreds of ready-made EFL ESL lesson plans and activities on: phrasal verbs & idioms, prepositions and verb tenses
    • Access to the most recent publications and journals on cross-cultural, methodology, socio-political and classroom concerns
    • Photocopying
    • Use of fax
    • 2 hour of observed and assessed one on one teaching practice with a teaching business English approach
    • Unlimited number of additional teaching practices, upon request. More than 300 groups of all ages and levels to choose from at our EFL partner school
    • All stationery needed for the course and for your teaching practices.
    • World class TBE course taught by highly qualified and experienced trainers
    • 24/7 emergency response from our Administrative department
    • Professional support and counselling before and after the course
    • Unlimited practice with state of the art CALL (Computer assisted language learning) business English software
    • Unlimited use of self-access multi-media center for Spanish Language learning during and after the course
    • Spanish conversation sessions
    • Salsa dancing lessons
    • Guitar lessons
    • Fitness center membership
    • Graduation dinner

    How to apply:

    • Contact us for more information at:

    *Feel free to share our articles, we only ask for credit! Be sure to mention International Teacher Training Organization as the author and a link back to our website: