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  • Study Abroad and Work Abroad on Your Resume

    By International Teacher Training Organization

    ITTO International Teacher’s Training Organization takes pride in insuring the transition from being student taking the TEFL Certification, to practicing teaching professionally a seamless one. The course starts you right on your way into the classroom within the first week; the materials studied cover different aspects of the teaching environment so that the teacher is prepared to go forth into any country under distinctive circumstances. Development of the firm strategies for what it takes to conduct oneself in an ever changing completely nonnative setting are handled from the beginning. ITTO guarantees job placement within Mexico. The certificate holder will receive all the support possible for job placement. Contacts all over the world are approached for as long as the graduate needs.

    The prevalence of contact between people in the international setting is making study and work abroad experience not only more common but also a more desirable commodity toward building a successful career portfolio. A recently established law in the United States involving international education programs is designed to reinforce and multiply the number of students involved in overseas studies. This type of promotional law will further business relations and thus make them more competitive. Due to the competitive component of the future employment climate; individual marketability will rely upon overseas ventures.

    Combining travel with education is a potently powerful life enhancing and life changing event. The advantages of taking a course of study overseas are numerous; first of all, it is an opportunity to be in a country where you can learn another language while being immersed in it. First-hand experience of the culture builds a very close association between the foreigners in this context resulting in an enlightening experience. Hand-in-hand along with language acquisition is engaging in the finer points surrounding a culture.

    Education is the starting point to working abroad. Survival skills develop within the individual unlike any other that can be attained in the comfortable home environment. An everlasting impression results in the use of these skills in the foreign context and innovative ways to apply them become standardized.

    The work abroad experience demonstrates to any potential employer traits of flexibility, courage and risk-taking. These capabilities translate to any employment situation and speak for themselves in terms of strength of character. Equally important to the employer are persons’ fundamental abilities to commit to the job, which one must do wholly, in order to move to a different country.

    Taking a practical course of study and following this, acquiring a work experience overseas is both economical and time savvy. This is the wisest choice for any number of reasons. The course stays fresh in mind as it is being practiced and experience can be built upon from a gradual perspective. Teaching English overseas allows for an evolutionary position in terms of primarily remaining within the educational process while at the same time gaining solid career exposure.


    International Educator Magazine Edited by: Christopher Murphy and Elaina Loveland, Publisher: Marlene Johnson, p. 34

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