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  • Flashpacker teaching English abroad

    By International Teacher Training Organization

    The flashpacker is the grown up version of the backpacker. These people are wise to the ways of the world. A certain circumstance in life may have been the motivation for these 30 to 40 years old to strategically go to parts unknown. The technologically based work world has caused a lot of people who have worked for several years to have the drive to leave their employment and travel independently. The business environment has become more and more internationally based; economies between different countries are more intimately linked.

    Although the mature flashpacker wants to be exposed to the spirit and pulse of any given nations most humble of people they also want to be able to relax and enjoy the experience. Life has taught many lessons; a careful preparation regarding which places to see are calculated and a travelling itinerary is much more defined.

    There is a high motivation on the part of companies and individuals to explore first-hand the accelerated pace of the globalization of economies. Successful relations between different countries start with a true understanding of the differences.

    The benefits of travel abroad are numerous indeed but clearly more can be derived from living abroad. Day to day involvement with people who have different lifestyles, mores and ethnicity cause the individual to form a powerful awareness of many extraordinary things. The development of intellectual and functional skills occurs at an advanced rate.

    Being able to make quick decisions becomes an everyday occurrence especially through the initial stages of living in a foreign land. Practicing these skills can certainly be of considerable help to further careers. What is of great demand all over the world is obtaining fluency in a foreign language.

    Formal education should be continued throughout every stage of life to keep up with non-stop changes occurring in every business situation. Travel experience provides specialized highly sought after skills. A person who is exposed to things that are new build up survival-like strength and are able to easily manage themselves with confidence.

    Teaching people English is essential in every country around the world for business reasons and for more individualistic pursuits. The job market is open because other countries without a doubt covet native speakers.

    ITTO is a fresh economical way that kick starts a living abroad experience. The school is located in central Mexico in Guadalajara also known as the “city of roses.” This part of Mexico is known for Mariachi music, tequila but mostly for being to be the least touristy of all, and available is also another location in USA, Czech Republic, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Thailand and Spain. The course is brief and intensive so that work, travel or teach abroad excursions can be made promptly thereafter.

    ITTO offers a 4-week TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, so you become certified to teach English abroad and keep your travelling adventure up.

    Accommodations for the duration of the course can be arranged with a local family so that the cultural environs will provide an all around truer background. This will be especially good for strengthening language learning.

    ITTO will follow up after the certification to help you decide where you want to teach English abroad by giving you the information you will need to obtain employment. We will guarantee job placement within Mexico.


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