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    Guaranteed Job Placement

    Get a job within one week of course completion!

    Aside from giving top quality teacher training, Our school is also dedicated to helping our graduates find employment in either Prague, the Czech Republic, or worldwide. Job assistance at TLH TEFL involves a variety of components to help you get employed as soon as possible after the course. We are proud to say that we have a success rate of around 95 percent for our passing graduates in Prague and nearly 100 percent for Asia.This includes Americans and Canadians and other English speaking graduates without an EU passport.

    In general, most of our TEFL graduates find employment in the city within 1-3 weeks after graduating the TESOL/TEFL course. How we achieve such a fast employment rate is due to our small class sizes, personal contact and simply because we offer almost twice the amount of teaching practice than most other TEFL programs in the region or abroad. We are also tightly knit community of teachers and graduates of the program that believe in helping each other years after graduation. It is this last feature of our course, our network, which allows you to find TEFL jobs, advice and friends in practically any country worldwide. If your horizons are open and you are interested in working in countries in Asia, the chance of finding stable work is practically a given. The specific features that we offer in the area of ESL job assistance entail:

    • Online graduate forums
    • Partner ESL schools
    • Worldwide recruiters
    • Country Specific Information
    • CV Preparation
    • Guest Speakers
    • Mock Interviews
    • Graduate Network
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Open House

    Online graduate forums

    Our School has a variety of online forums where graduates connect with each other and help each other all over the world. We have forums for all of our graduates that are currently teaching in Prague as well as Asia. This is a great resource to connect with teachers that are currently overseas and learn from their experience. Our graduates are great and they go out of their way to help new and experienced teachers find employment worldwide.

    Partner schools

    Our School shares its space with two prominent language schools in the city – Presto Languages and Spusa Education Center. Both of these schools respect our training methods/curriculum and hire our graduates when they have openings. We also have close to a decade of cooperation with other major language schools in the city.

    Worldwide recruiters

    We work with a variety of large organizations and recruiters worldwide that will help you get employed all over the world. We have many recruiters that we use for countries all over Asia to help our students find top paying employment in China, South Korea, Japan and many other Asian countries. If you believe that taking a TEFL course with us is only limited to teaching in Prague, think again. Since we are actually accredited and externally monitored, our certificate can be used pretty much anywhere worldwide as a valid TEFL/TESOL qualification.

    Country specific information

    We have packets of information on pretty much every major teaching destination in the world. These packets include schools in the area, contacts of past graduates working there, living conditions, average salaries and the general teaching environment. The information is public and every TEFL trainee has access to them from the start of the course.

    CV preparation

    We help write, review and redraft all trainee CV/resumes during the third week of the course. This also includes assisting with cover letters.

    Visa, Work Permit and Zivnostensky Assistance

    Our School is committed to helping our graduates get legal visas in Prague and abroad. During the course, and even beforehand, we will go over everything you need to get legal in city and tell you how to prepare. Getting legal as non EU teacher is harder than it used to be in the past. We are completely on top of the situation and work directly with a visa assistance company, Visa Guru, to make sure that all of our graduates have the ability to work and stay legally in the Czech Republic or abroad after their course. We cannot stress how important this procedure is enough and we are proud to offer the services we do.

    There are two main types of ways to getting legal in Prague. This is by either getting a work permit or getting a Zivnostensky List. At the current time, the best option is getting the Zivnostensky List.

    If you have any questions at all regarding living legally in the Czech Republic and how it all works, we are here to help. Contact us with all of your questions.

    Getting a Work Permit

    Your hiring school can process you a work permit that you would then use to get a visa. Currently, we do not recommend going exclusively with this method for a few reasons. For one, you have to rely on the school to actually do the paperwork and do it relatively fast. Some schools will process their teachers work permits, some schools won’t.

    The main reason why schools might not want to process work permits for their teachers is that it is expensive. Generally if you show the school that you are reliable and interested in the long run, they will take that risk and properly employ you. However, it is becoming more and more unreliable to get a work permit. We recommend having the paperwork ready for the work permit in case the opportunity comes up, but the mass majority our graduates end up getting the Zivnostensky.

    To get a work permit you will need to be a university graduate. You will also need to get your degree apostled in your home country (if you are a non EU) and then have it accredited at Charles University in Prague. This is a brand new rule that even most TEFL providers are unaware of. Contact us for information, we are here to help.

    Getting a Zivnostensky

    The second way of getting legal is by applying for and obtaining a Zivnostensky List, which is basically a trade license as an English teacher. The benefits of getting a ‘Zivno’ is that it opens multiple employment opportunities in the Czech Republic for you that would normally remain closed. You essentially become your own business able to work anywhere in the country and for anyone.

    We highly recommend all non EU teachers get the Zivnostensky simply because it will raise your income and employability dramatically. The process does involve jumping over some hoops, waiting on many lines and getting many random stamps, but the end result though is worth it. You will need help with the process and we offer excellent assistance. Our visa company is onsite and you will be in contact with them during the course. It is a great extra that Our School offers.

    There are companies that charge over 1000 Euros for helping you get a Zivnostensky List. For a mere 1/4 of the price, we are happy to do it all for you. The visa company we work with, Visa Guru, is extremely accessible, affordable and friendly. The actual information and guidance is of course complimentary. When you apply for our course, we will go over in detail the steps needed to get legal in the Czech Republic and how you can prepare before your arrival. Our advice is don’t worry! We have this covered and have completed visas for thousands of students. We will get you legal.