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  • Backpackers teaching English overseas!

    By International Teacher Training Organization

    Many places all over the world have been explored by courageous backpackers and over many decades this type of traveller has evolved stretching the boundaries of language and culture. Backpackers are young people who are seeking exposure to parts of the world they have never seen before at a time when they are beginning their independent and wholly committed lives.

    The young backpackers of today are highly conscious of what constitutes truly enriching cultural experiences and address the question of authenticity based upon their predecessors trail. These adventurers are seeking out remote locales at the same time as being aware of the damages caused by giant tour operations and corporate commercialization especially to pristine natural areas. Backpackers are individuals who want to progress and are on their way to becoming more evolved.

    They cheerfully tour areas that are unassuming and in doing so receive direct contact with the exotic and unusual. They are intrepid journey people who want to blend in with the most deferential of any given society.

    Money is flooded into the local economy by these young people therefore small business operations veritably benefit. The pace of travel is carefree and non-pressurized. Economical strategies are carefully executed so that they ensure that as much ground is covered as possible.

    Travel around the world is more than just an educational undertaking. Unfamiliar situations require instinctual spontaneous applications of knowledge. Spontaneity accelerates efficiency because with practice mistakes can be easily resolved. Adventures make people more resilient which can carry on and be applied to enhance careers. Being able to distinguish between cultures teaches people extraordinary functional skills. The direction of these skills can be mastered and used to be built upon for future situations.

    Exposure to different countries can become a point of reference for the individual’s country of origin. The person may come to some realizations by comparing strengths and weaknesses. Customs that were taken for granted can be reviewed with fresh awareness. Along with learning a foreign country’s culture obviously immersion in another language is also of great benefit. Second languages are becoming more and more useful for every vocation.

    Prestigious employers seek individuals who have worked on combining education with experience. Acquiring knowledge of a second language makes people more qualified especially for positions with international companies.

    The ideal situation for the backpacker is to combine education with experience and travel opportunities. ITTO is the perfect starting point to initiate a world expedition. For one month you are immersed within an engaging authentic culture in USA, Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Thailand and Spain! Upon the completion of the course you become a fully qualified Teaching English as a Foreign Language instructor. English teachers are in demand all over the world and basically they write their own ticket in terms of where they want to teach English and for what length of time.

    The money that is earned can be used to finance future treks. Contacts are attained that will be especially helpful. Advice from those who have experienced living, travelling and teaching English overseas through places provide a base for successful experiences when deciding which countries one wants to work in. ITTO provides support after the course to help with finding positions in every area of the world and will guarantee job placement within Mexico.


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