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  • Teaching & Travelling in Toronto, Canada

    Great Things To Do In Toronto

    Toronto is a vibrant city filled with excitement and wonder; a place where you can experience true multiculturalism and meet new friends from all over the world while teaching English. As Canada's largest city and the world's most cosmopolitan center, Toronto has been voted, time and time again, as one of the best cities in which to live. With an NHL, NBA and a Major League Baseball team, world renowned restaurants and some of North America's most famous landmarks (an hour away from the famous Niagara Falls), there is something for everyone in Toronto.

    Toronto Beach's subtropical climate ensures plentiful sunshine all year round! Locals talk about two seasons - the rainy season and the look-what-beautiful-blue-sky-we-have-every-day season. Again, search the Internet depending on your time of travel to make sure you come prepared. In Toronto Beach, the name says it all, be sure to pack summer beach clothes. This would include sandals, shorts, t-shirts, tank-tops and lots of sunscreen!

    17 Ideas For The Summer

    • Trip to Niagara Falls
    • Go Shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre
    • Shakespeare In The Park
    • There's A Lot to Learn at the Ontario Science Centre!
    • Shoot Opponents With Paint in a 35,000 Square Ft. Warzone!
    • Drop 230 Feet and Survive @ Canada's Wonderland
    • Celebrate the Annual Pride Parade
    • Toronto's Very Own China Town
    • Cheer For the Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, Rock, and Argos!
    • The City's Largest Music Festival
    • Where's a Better Place to Relax Than at The Beach?
    • Toronto Zoo
    • Get in Touch With Nature at High Park
    • Dine With the Knights & Then Watch Them Fight!
    • Visit the St Lawrence Market in the Heart of Toronto's Oldest Neighborhoods
    • Canoe to The Toronto Islands In a War Canoe
    • Jump on The Glass Floor at The CN Tower


    The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offers busses, streetcars, and a subway system. All for $3 one way, this is the best way to get around town. Taxi rides can be quite costly for long distances. The best time to take a taxi is for short distance rides with a few friends.

    Airport Reception Service:

    We offer airport reception services to and from the airport. When you choose the airport reception service, a member of staff will meet you at the airport, holding a sign with the schools logo and will be waiting for you by the luggage area. They will drive you to your place of stay. If you are using the Student House services, it's a great idea to also use Airport Reception Services. This way, your greeter will be able to welcome you and give you the keys to your student house. If you choose not to use the airport reception service, you will receive instructions on how to get your keys.

    Your Arrival:

    We make every effort to ensure that students arriving into the area have a pleasant transition to their home, whether you are staying with a host family or at one of the Student Houses. It is vital for us to know about your latest arrival information. Please send your arrival information to us as soon as it's available to you. We require this information if we are arranging for your accommodation and more importantly if we are arranging for your pickup from one of the airports.

    We will forward your arrival information to your homestay. If there is a delay or change in your flight and arrival, please inform us as soon as possible. We can always check for delays and will do the best to meet you regardless of the delay, but we are not responsible and have no way to know if you have had a flight change. The staff will wait for you for up to 90 minutes past your arrival time, after which you will have to call

    Health Insurance:

    Having Health care coverage is mandatory for attending the schools. Health care is very expensive in North America. You should purchase health insurance from your own insurance company or you have the option to purchase medical emergency insurance through the school. If you have your own insurance, you must provide us with proof of insurance on your first day and sign the waiver form for insurance. You don't need to go to a hospital if you are not seriously sick or injured. Most of the time you can simply visit a walk in clinic and they can deal with many issues.